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Vegetarian Club of Canton • Canton Ohio USA
Presidents' Mid-Year Report 2016

Dear VCC Friends and Members (not the they aren't the same thing),

Can you believe we’re more than three-fourths of the way through our thirtieth year of
​outreach, education, and fellowship in the name of vegetarianism? I made it through my first season as president of our auspicious club, but never could have done it without the support of you and of our patient, hardworking officers. Thanks for doing all of the heavy lifting, and letting me put my name on it. (Kidding. Mostly.)

​I’m sure everyone enjoyed hearing George Eisman, a registered dietician from Watkins
​Glen, NY, discuss how to be a healthy vegan. I picked up a copy of one of his books, and I hope you were lucky enough to do so as well.

​Jane Esselstyn entertained and informed us, drawing from her extensive knowledge as a healthcare professional, an athlete, and a member of a large, plant-powered family to talk about ending type 2 diabetes and other health problems with a plant-based diet. I was also lucky enough to get one of her books. I recommend you do the same if the opportunity presents.

​Unfortunately, work caused me to miss the presentation from author Ellen Jaffe Jones, who came from Holmes Beach, FL, to talk about Vegan on Four Dollars a Day and her forthcoming book (now out) Veganism for Mortals. I also missed hearing Youngstown’s Mark Huberman, editor of Health Science magazine and president of the National Health Association, as he talked about the Natural Hygiene Movement. Still, I’m assured by folks who attended that they were both magnificent speakers and that those were illuminating evenings. A world-class year so far.

​But just because the year is nearly done doesn’t mean we are. We still have some great plans for you in what little remains of 2016. We are ready for our last two dinner/lecture meetings of 2016, in which we’ll hear about subjects we’ve never been exposed to in our thirty year history.

​First, Kathy Landry from Houston, TX, is coming September 23rd to talk about her work, communicating with animals (Really communicating!) And on October 21st, Carol Adams will discuss her very popular book The Sexual Politics of Meat. Hers will be a talk that every woman (and everyone who loves women!) needs to hear. Carol explicates the relationship between meat consumption and misogyny. She shows how the meat industry teaches us to commodify animals so it can more easily market them (and people can more easily eat them). In doing so, the meat industry desensitizes people so we can likewise commodify women and minorities, treating them as less-than-whole people.

​We’re also working on a NOVEMBER SURPRISE. Watch for an upcoming announcement of a special Thanksgiving Celebration. (Maybe. Hopefully. Fingers crossed!)

​Once again, let me say how much I appreciate all of you. From the activists and officers in the club who are working hard to make the world a healthier, more moral place, to those of you who simply come to be educated and break bread with us. You are all making this world a better place by embracing and spreading vegetarianism. Looking forward to the rest of ’16, and many more years as a proud member of the VCC,

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