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Dear VCC members,

     My name is Jon Judy, and I was recently selected, for some inscrutable reason, to serve as president of the VCC for 2016.
    I’m incredibly nervous about taking on such a responsibility. I’ve never been the president of anything. Furthermore, I only recently joined the club.
    But I responded to an e-mail asking for members to get involved and take a more active role in our club, attended a subsequent meeting, and left as the president. My point? There are so many opportunities and ways to get involved. So if you like what we do here, if you want to be a bigger part of it, don’t just send all of our e-mails into the trash! And I for one do like what we do here.
    So, I’m also excited to play a part in what I see as such an important group. Through outreach, education, and simple fellowship, the VCC spreads the word about vegetarianism, offers assistance to those thinking about the lifestyle, and supports those who have chosen it.
    The VCC helps make our community a healthier, more ethical place, which in turn makes our world a better one for us all. You are a vital part of that. You make this happen. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you, and how proud I am to be one of you.
    I’m so excited to be doing this. So excited to get to know all of you. To work with you. To break bread with you.
    And did I mention I was also nervous?

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Jon Judy